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                   Deutsch Drahthaar Zwinger

          "vom  Fürstenwall"

te DD Kennel "vom Fürstenwall" beganin the German State of Sachsen-Anhalt, southwest of the capital Berlin, in 1994.

We started our breeding program with the female DD Fina "vom Hasenhöhkamp" (Ostfriesenhof-Boekenhof line), a daughter of Birka "vom Ostfriesenhof" and the renowned stud dog Sultan "vom Richthof".


Fina was a DD with strong natural abilities; she had a great passion for the water. She performed very well in all areas of hunting and testing (VGP with 332 pts and Prize I). Fina was a cooperative dog with an infinite hardness towards predators and on wild boar. We raised four litters with her (litters A through D). In 1997, we added Ysa "vom Donaueck" (Donaueck line) to our breeding program and raised 3 litters with her (E, F, and G). She was easy to train and tested Prize I, 330 pts in the VGP/TF.


We focus on healthy dogs, all of which are tested for bleeding disorders, HD, OCD, and EOD, and dogs with a great passion for their work and an uncompromised hardness towards predators. For breeding, we use only DDs that have been breed-certified and registered in the VDD breed book; we prefer performance breedings, i.e. dogs with a successful VGP test and DGStB registration.   


Dogs from the Fürstenwall Kennel are versatile hunting dogs in accordance with the established VDD Breeding Regulations. Our dogs are reliable companions with a solid temperament and a strong desire for hunting. We sell only to hunting homes.


We are proud that some of our kennel’s top dogs are living and hunting in the US. The first Fürstenwall dog to fly across the big pond in 2002 was the female puppy Edda vom Fürstenwall (Ysa vom Donaueck x Mirko vom Böckenhagen). She tested VJP 74 pts, Hegewald 218 pts, VGP/TF 321 Prize II; Btr; 10/12 in conformation and coat. Edda now lives in Colorado with two of her offspring and her owners.  Edda’s owner tells us that she was easy to train, always eager to please and with great passion for tracking and water work.


In 2011, Tanja vom Fürstenwall (Jozina vom Fürstenwall x Elbo vom Niedelhof) went to live and hunt with John Barnes in Colorado. She tested VJP 66 pts, HZP o.Sp. 192 and 11/11 in coat and conformation. Tanja will be VGP tested in 2014. Her owner plans a litter with Tanja following a successful VGP performance. Tanja’s owner describes her as a hunting dog with an unstoppable drive for water fowl and perserverance that makes every hunt a success.



In July 2013 we sold our stud dog Sando vom Fürstenwall (Karolin vom Fürstenwall x Ottelo von der Dachswiese) to Shane Julian in Loma, Colorado. Sando tested VJP 73 pts, HZP o.Sp 189 pts, VGP/ÜF 328 Prize II with 10/12 in coat and conformation. Since his arrival in the US Sando has sired two litters. Sando settled into his new home with ease; he lives in one of the finest dog kennels with every feature imaginable for canine comfort – only hunting is better! Sando is a handsome Schsch male with a personality to match. He and his owner have bonded quickly and often go hunting together.



                                                               Kim mit Tanja und Sando "vom Fürstenwall"Tanja und Sando bei der JagdTanja und Sando bei der Jagd             


Thank you for your time and interest in our kennel.

Please also visit the VDD website at www.drahthaar.de.



                                                           Edda "vom Fürstenwall" and kids before the huntedda mit ihren 2 Nachkommenedda mit ihren 2 Nachkommen